February 27, 2008

The car emergency kit

No, I don't speak of the one in the trunk, with jumper cables, a jack you don't know how to use and a flashlight with dead batteries. I keep a beauty car kit.
One Friday during lunch, a very cute engineer asked me to join him for Happy Hour that night in Norwalk. Got out of work a little after 5, and jumped in the car to head to the bar, giddy with excitement. I grabbed the rear-view mirror and realized that the work day had taken its toll on my eyeshadow, liner and skin. I cleaned up as best as I could, but ended up looking sub-par at Happy Hour, and feeling self-conscious.

From then on, I resolved to be ready for any and all unexpected outings. It's a drag to carry around an entire second makeup bag with you every day, so I keep one in the glove box.

The contents:
- Q-tips
- eye makeup remover (trial size)
- bliquid liner
- mascara
- blotting papers
- eyeshadow duo
- tweezer
- cream blush
- small brush

The contents of the car kit should perform the following roadside services:

1) remove oil and shine
2) reinforce cheek color
3) clean up eye makeup gone astray
4) amp up the lash factor
5) provide eye shadow appropriate for day or evening
6) tidy up hair

If you don't have one, I strongly recommend putting one together. Be sure to exclude pencil eyeliner (might melt in heat), lipstick (same reason), or expensive moisturizer (heat and cold can damage it). Be a Boy Scout - always prepared!


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suburban prep said...

I think I might need a few of these. Great idea.