March 12, 2008

Which would you rather?

My favorite topic of conversation, third after style and music, is men. Not Carrie Bradshaw-type obsessive discussion, but more lighthearted fare, such as my favorite male get-ups.

I don't consider myself a male fashion connoisseur, nor do I desire to be. But I know, as a heterosexual woman, what looks good and what looks busted. Some male trends I never understood include cargo pants and shorts (does anyone actually keep stuff in there?), loud Hawaiian print shirts (same goes for Tiki and ethnic), "athletic sandals" such as Tevas and Chacos, and most recently, the huge-hat-with-flat-round-brim-and-multiple-stickers-left-on trend, fortunately left mostly to the high-school and college set. But it finds its way to Happy Hour once in a while.

Which brings me to the question: Given the trappings of the gentlemen below, which would you rather ____?

The Naughty Best Man*
Pros: dressed-up, yet disheveled and sexy
Cons: could be drunk

The Professional Undone
Pros: masculine business wear with a casual touch, looks intelligent
Cons: beware the short-sleeved button-down shirt

The Sleeping Beaux
Pros: simple, expert at spooning
Cons: abs not typical

The Post-Game Guy
Pros: muscles under dirty jerseys, bonus points for scratches and white football pants
Cons: could smell a little too manly

The Frat Daddy
Pros: classic, easy to do, laid back
Cons: definitely intoxicated, possible popped collar

The Free Spirit*
Pros: no distractions from the guy, puts you at ease
Cons: old (possibly rank) Birkenstocks or Reefs

Sweet dreams,

* - my favorite looks for men

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