April 01, 2008

Organix Update

Hi y'all,
As promised, here is my update on the eating mostly-organic diet so far. Monday I had four (!) pieces of fruit, and a nice big but healthy dinner of chicken souvlaki with a pita and Greek salad, no cheese and very little dressing. It was a nutritious day, but my favorite part was my lunch - the Bolthouse Farms C-Boost Tropical Fruit Smoothie.

It's made of all natural ingredients, and has no added sugar. The calories for an entire bottle are not low, but this product is amazing. It immediately filled me up, squashed my sugar craving that normally happens in the afternoon, and gave me the energy to keep going through dinner. As a substitute for lunch, approximately 3o0 calories isn't a bad deal at all. And at 2/$5, it's a helluva lot cheaper than lunch too.

I also enjoyed the Odwalla bar, but didn't love them enough to spend the money to eat one every day. Tomorrow I think I'll try the Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappucino Protein Smoothie, and of course, continue with the fruit and water. By the way, I feel great. It's been a godawful week at work already, but I do feel more physically prepared for it than in the past. Good deal!

More on the usual - fashion, CT, men and celebrities - once this week settles down a bit and I have room in my head for more than work.


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