May 23, 2008

Style Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

When I was in high school, her tough-chick performance style, truly unique voice, and trademark tank-skate-pants-Vans-bindhi style made me idolize Gwen Stefani. Not to mention, her amazing abs, which are impervious to post-baby flab, apparently. Since "Tragic Kingdom" Gwen has only grown more sophisticated and daring with her fashion.

I also really like Gwen Stefani for her personality. She seems like the kind of girl who would take you for great Mexican and margaritas, help you get over that boy who never called you back, and she's always refreshingly un-scandalized, smiley and positive. Plus she wore heels while she was pregnant. You can't beat that.

Unless of course, this hot piece of 90s rock sex is your husband, and your son is the cutest toddler in Holylwoo

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