June 12, 2008

The Best of Born

Last weekend, I picked up my first-ever pair of Born shoes. They're leather/cork wedge sandals, in black:

Kanno, $104

I test-drove them today, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are more comfortable than some of my flats. Soft, flexible leather, a well-cushioned footbed and a supportive platform that is still feminine and not matronly. Totally worth the money.

The style of the shoes are part hippie, part classic, and in some cases, a little preppy. Be warned, Born does produce some athletic "comfort shoes," but don't be discouraged with those. There is so much good stuff there, and you can tell they are very well-made. You'll wear these shoes forever, and if you are doing any traveling this summer, these are a great bet for comfort that doesn't cramp your style. So courtesy of Zappos.com, below are some of their other sandals that I encourage you to consider.

Lima, $99

Marne, $84

Saki, $89

Carmel, $84

Florin, $104

Gale, $99

Gobino, $64

Tiki, $89

You can also find Born shoes at DSW Shoe Warehouse, and some outdoor gear stores like EMS as well.

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