June 22, 2008

Coming Soon: Summer Book Reviews

The only time better for digesting entire books at once than curled up under a blanket next to your Christmas tree is in the sunlight, with 80-degree breezes ruffling your hair as the sea rolls up to your feet. What would the beach be without books?

While I don't partake in Tolstoy or Austen at the beach, I like my easy summer reading to be heavy on the humor, exoticism, intrigue or education, and preferably a combination. Books I've read in a single day at the beach (or in my backyard) include stuff like Summer Sisters and The Devil Wears Prada. Not exactly Pulitzer material, but stimulating enough to make me forget to reapply Banana Boat. Ouch!

So in the spirit of the summer solstice having come and gone already, I will begin a series of book reviews to help you pick fun, affordable paperbacks to take to the Cape, which you will treasure but not so much that you'll mind getting sand in the binding. After all, it's not a beach book without some water stains and a cracked spine.

Happy Beach Reading,

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