June 19, 2008

Girls' Night Out Inspiration

While scanning my favorite celebrity rags, I came across a few great pictures, serving as inspiration pieces for my upcoming girls' night out this weekend. So far the only sure things are sushi, cocktails and big earrings. But check out the pictures below and maybe they'll do something for your dressing-up mojo.

Emmanuelle Chriqui rocks a strapless column gown, plain black clutch and big diamond hoops. The black panels on her dress draw the eyes up to her amazing decolletage, and the dress is body-skimming, but not Kim-tastic (see below). Emmanuelle tones down the formality of this dress, but maintains the sophistication, by keeping it long so the shoes aren't a big focal point, and of course, choosing her one piece of jewelry as big-ass diamond hoops. I don't often reach for the big hoop earrings, because I'm not usually in the mood and I always feel juvenile in them. But Emmanuelle works them here, because they're her only major accessory, they sparkle against her dark hair, and add a fun, party vibe to a red-carpet dress. Well done, Miss Chriqui. (And for those of you as confused as I was, it's not "kree-kwee" but pronounced like "shrieky.")

And now... Kim Kardashian. Not any heiress-turned-reality-tv-show-star could pull off a painted-on, spaghetti-strap tube dress like this. Ordinarily it's the kind of dress I'd only give to a size-4-and-under model, but Kim is kind of rocking this. She has curves for days, her bountiful girls only outshined by her legendary butt. The three key components for pulling off this dress are: smooth, proportional curves; proper undergarments; and major, you-know-you-want-me confidence. Kim has all three here; I couldn't deign to guess as to what kind of undies she's wearing, much less how she is getting her support. But what she is doing here is what Vince Vaughn urged Jon Favreau to do in the best movie ever: "There's nothing wrong with letting them know that you're money, and you're ready to party."

This is the kind of outfit you wear on a girls' night out that is more of an I-banker-hunting-at-Morton's kind of night, not 2fer Margaritas at Taco Loco followed by ladies' night at Bravo. Rachel Bilson is perfection in this ruffly Chanel with a boatneck, embellished t-strap heels and one bright clutch. Like Emmanuelle, she keeps the elegance cool with low-maintenance hair and little to no jewelry. Tres chic. Marriage material for sure.

Now this. Is how you do a minidress. Starting with the near-nude shoes, Rachel keeps the focus up top, but makes her legs seem to go on forever, which is quite a task for someone only 5'2". The hem of the skirt is at a height that is delightfully scandalous but not skanky. The neckline adds a small but crucial amount of fabric to this itsy-bitsy dress, and shows off this girl's fantastic shoulders, neck and collarbone. I love Summer Roberts with her hair down, but this dress wouldn't have been nearly as impressive if her great features were hidden by dark, long hair. But again, Rachel's hair is tousled and fun, and her textured, showpiece clutch add style and interest to a simple outfit, without distracting from her slammin' petite figure.

Can I go out to party with these girls?

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Amanda. said...

Rachel Bilson gets
me every single time!
I love her. In just
about everything she
does...I love 'er.

And the first dress
on Emmanuelle Chriqui
is just divine!

I'd totally rawk out
with each of these
ladies. Holla.