June 19, 2008

A Reason to Love Vineyard Vines

Several months ago, I had purchased, exchanged and returned a few things from vv, and ended up with a house credit for around $95. I just called up to redeem it, by ordering a Shep Shirt, which I love for after the beach or on cool nights in the summer.

After giving my order and address, I asked how I would be charged for the UPS Next Day Shipping ($28 on the website). Jessica, the delightful girl who helped me, said she didn't charge me for the shipping. She simply adjusted the price of the shirt to include the shipping, and used the remaining house credit. So long story short, I got a Shep Shirt sent Next Day shipping for free! No reason, no complaining, just a great credit policy or a really kindhearted saleswoman.

I love you, Vineyard Vines!

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