September 24, 2008

If you like low, chunky heels...

...try a kitten heel. Without the square toe.

That 1" heel might make you feel like your posture is better, but the fact is they're not even that comfortable, and will put a good 20 years on you.

I completely understand the desire for mobility, especially if you walk to and from work. But your heels don't need to be four-inchers to sophisticate your look. I stay away from flats at work because I feel zero confidence or authority in flats. But even a small kitten heel looks dainty and pretty, and makes your feel look much more ladylike than the rowboats you were clunking around in.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love all of them,especially the brown ones!!

Britt said...

I do have to comment that for some strangly odd reason, I CAN'T walk on kitten heels. I find it completely odd but it's almost like my legs are confused-"We're too close to the ground to be heels but there's still something holding us above the ground...WHAT IS GOING ON!!" LOL! Yeah, strange I know but that's how I am. Good thing I can find adorable, non-chunky flats that still make me feel attractive and in-control. :-)

But thanks for posting some cute shoes!!! The last ones are adorable!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

This made me laugh because years ago I had a boss who had THE WORST fashion sense ever ever ever. Like...really bad! Those bad shoes you have at the top- she wore those but they were like three inches. The most chunky monkey ugly shoes ever. And then wore flood-worthy length pants. Oh, so bad so bad!!

Hayley said...


I won't say I can't walk in them, but I know exactly what you mean! Your heel looks for wide, flat support that close to the ground, and it is a bit disconcerting! But they're more ladylike than wedges, and if your feet need a break from the 4" spikes, they feel refreshing. Isn't it weird how our feet get conditioned?

Thanks for reading!