November 28, 2008

"Sometimes I'll talk on the phone while I'm shellin' peas.

Oprah calls it 'multitasking'."
- Mama Smooter, Sweet Home Alabama

Self-pedicures and TV, online shopping and iTunes downloads, driving and drinking coffee, baking and laundry... multitasking is an art perfected by most women I know, including myself. And while it's great to take "me" time to concentrate on the pleasure of just reading a book or eating a meal with no distractions, more often we find that we'd rather get as much done simultaneously as possible, due to a shortage of time.

Well, as the Times and CNN keep reminding me, America is in a recession, and it's being compared to the Depression. So now we're not only short on time, but short on money as well. It would be easy to be miserable in this situation, but here are some great style and beauty multitasking strategies I've found, to keep you looking fabulous through the winter without disrupting your nest egg.

They keep your feet dry while stomping through puddles on your commute, or walking your puppy through the park. But they can double as snow boots too, when you put thick wool or fleece socks under them. Wellies also look great under skinny jeans, and with the right tights and sweater, a skirt too.

It's called a cheek stain, and works wonders for brightening up your complexion. But you can also use it on your lips under gloss, for a naturally red look that lasts.

Jersey dresses
Sleeveless, floral, lightweight, no matter; your three-season dresses take on a fourth season of style when you layer them under sweaters. A cable cardigan is a safe bet but can still leave a spring vibe. Try one of the new chunky shrugs, a longer, wide-collar winter white cardigan, or a tweed blazer.

Cropped and capri pants
As long as they're not seersucker or white jeans, your shortened twill, denim and cotton pants look like skinny jeans or pants under knee-high riding boots. Or, very dark, medium-weight cropped pants with knee-high boots look very now.

Benefit 10 bronzer
This boz is half bronzer, half pink highlight. When used on cheeks, it highlights cheekbones and gives great summer color. Lately I'm using it as eyeshadow: the brown hue on lids and the crease, and the highlight for my cheeks as well as brow bones.

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