November 06, 2008

What would you do?

You're dating a cute guy casually for about a month. He's smart, cultured, well-read, well-traveled, calls when he says he will, dresses well, and believes in chivalry. You two have amazing chemistry, and he mentions how he can't wait to meet your family, and despite being from California, he loves the east coast and has no plans to return to Cali.

He calls you one evening to tell you that he can't commit to a relationship right now, because he's applied for medical fellowships around the country, and has accepted one in Chicago, beginning in February.

Oh, but he wants to still be friends.

Do you...

a) cry and eat a box of chocolates,
b) tell him to go to hell, and that it's his loss,
c) try to convince him that long-distance relationships aren't "too bad," or
d) answer "uh, OK" in a surprised silence, cut him off when he tries to make small talk, and sit staring at your wall, wondering why on God's green earth a guy would get involved with a girl at all when he had possible relocations coming in the near future, and why you wasted a month's worth of Saturday nights with him?

Just askin' is all.


Anonymous said...

If you really like him - and want to make it work - try long distance. I dated my boyfriend long-distance for four years - with 5 hours between us. It just depends what you are willing to do and how much you like him.
But long distance can work, its just both your hearts have to be in it..

♥Edrina♥ said...

if he is one in a million, the best guy u ever met, the guy that u really fall in love with and he is the only one who make your heart beat twice as much, i would say go for it!

Don't wait, don't regret anything. For all you may know.. he might be the one for u.. it's okay to be in long distance relationship.

at least, if anything goes wrong, u learn something, do you?

all the best okay (^-^)


Anonymous said...

been there.. i say its a 'c'... he's either back with an ex-gf or is afraid to commit because ur a wow factor and he's intimidated somewhat..