December 22, 2008

Au Revoir Westport

As you may have noticed, my blog has undergone a little makeover. I have very recently accepted a new job at Lincoln Center, which will mean... I'm moving to the N-Y, y'all.

The new gig begins after New Year's Day, so in the unlikely event I find a satisfactory apartment I can afford between Christmas and then, I will be taking the good old Metro North to the city. The good news? Much more interesting food for fashion thought, new watering holes to explore and (hopefully) new men to meet.

So bear with me while I make a major change during this already busy time. I'm completely thrilled to be working in Manhattan, especially for the endless stores on Madison and in the East Village. And as much as I'd love to run around the city with a camera, capturing fashionable mortals a la Sartorialist, frankly, it's been done. And he does it best. So I'll continue to post my favorite beauty and fashion finds, now with bargains from Chinatown, priceless vintage finds on occasion, and fashion trends in the Big Apple that will take another 6 months to reach the suburbs of Connecticut.

Merry Christmas... to me!

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Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you are moving to new york city! Just like me - Fairfield County to the big apple..if you are looking for fun tips like the best burger place please feel free to email me! And I am sure you will enjoy your new job and home!