December 19, 2008

Chic and Actually Cheap: Gap

Doesn't it bother you when you read magazine titles like "Fabulous Finds Under $100!" only to find $85 belts, $99 clutches and $70 rings on the list? Don't get me wrong - I love a great accessory. But $100 for something that don't cover you hoo-ha's does not a bargain make.

Another example: Moschino Cheap and Chic. $1,000 dresses and $600 might be cheap for Anna Wintour, but for many stylish young women, those pieces are not only financially impossible but also impossible to justify.

So I'm doing my own Chic and Actually Cheap hot list, in the season of Best-ofs and Top Tens. For each of my regular shopping watering holes, I'll provide a list of great finds under $50. Almost everything is on sale now, and you can trust there will be even greater markdowns after Christmas. But what's really great is that stuff you'll continue to wear for the next three months are on sale: sweaters, jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, and even outerwear. No need to buy out of season.


Chic and Actually Cheap: Gap

European Shift Dress, $49.99
Rock the sexy secretary look by pairing this with tall, open-toe Mary Janes and a cardigan, or rock the contrasts with knee-high leather boots and a cropped leather bomber jacket.

Cropped Textured Jacket, $44.99
Wear it to work with a full skirt, wear it to happy hour with jeans, or wear it to the Met with wide-leg trousers and wire-rim glasses.

Striped Sweater Dress, $43.99
This is best worn with knee-high riding boots and teeny accessories. Let the stripes (and your beauteous curves) be the focal point.

Sheer Ruffled Blouse, $42.99
You absolutely must rock a cami under this or a sweater over this to make it work appropriate, but it'll look Paris-inspired when the blousy top is paired with a structured skirt and black tights.

Tie Neck Tank, $18.99
Beautiful and work-safe with winter-white trousers, or play it safe with black. Bare arms in winter mean you can't pull off a skirt with this top, but it's great for your company Christmas party or for the bar afterwards. Ladylike but sexy.

Button-Closure Sweater, $48
Get it done preppy-style by wearing a polo or Oxford underneath, and letting a button or two go at the bottom. I love the idea of this with a wool pencil skirt.

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