December 29, 2008

Eye Candy: Ed Westwick

I never thought I'd post an Eye Candy on Westwick. In fact, when Gossip Girl first premiered (it feels like a million years ago), I believe my exact words were, "Him? Really? This is the best they could do for the hot bad-boy character???" He's nothing unlike Ryan Atwood, the brooding, troubled hottie from The OC. But Ed Westwick has grown on me.

When the CW isn't trying too hard on the rich-boy front and putting Chuck Bass in ridiculous designer confections (ubiquitous scarves, floral bow ties, neon sweatervests and lavender pants), he is rather charming. On his own, out of character, Ed Westwick appears to be a party-boy and a guy with more edge. A little scruff on his chin looks great, and he seems like the kind of guy you'd want to see live music with. And... do other stuff too, maybe.*

* By the way, this isn't totally inappropriate, because while Chuck Bass is a high school junior (senior? Can anyone ever tell?) on TV, he is a party-hardy 21 years of age for serious, and has a hot English accent to boot.

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