February 11, 2009

ADD kind of day...

I left my bedroom for something, and immediately forgot what that something was once I went through the doorway. I came back in, remembered, left, and forgot again. This happened three times in the last half hour.

I dashed into my neighborhood Starbucks this morning, ordered my skinny caramel macchiato, took my change, and left... without the coffee. I was too embarrassed to go back.

It's been the kind of day that makes me wonder if I'm missing something, I've forgotten something, or if I'm just plain stupid. And much coffee and brain-friendly foods later (almonds!) I don't feel any different. I guess we all have "one of dem days," so it's only fitting that I post some of the assorted thoughts that pop into my head. They may seem bizarre, but like I quote Empire Records: "Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear." (Lucas)

  • I loathe customers looking to purchase food, who wait for 5-10 minutes in a long-ass line, with plenty of time to look at the menu and have a good think, and then step up to the multitasking cashier and say "Uhhhh, oh jeez... I'll have a, uh, turkey on white - no wheat - no, rye...."
  • I love great shoes, but I always prefer an outlet or DSW type of place, in which all the shoes are out there in boxes or on racks, and you just grab 'em and try 'em. I'm like a meth addict with shoes, and quantity as well as velocity are of high importance when I'm buying shoes. I also know immediately if I like them or not. So waiting for an overextended sales girl to pull my sizes from the back, and then feeling guilty sending her back to get more, is just not my thing.
  • I am incapable of going into Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop without buying something. I always intend to go in for the aromatherapeutic benefits, find a scent I adore, and then buy at least one moisturizer, rationalizing that lotion never goes to waste around me. True enough. Until I have 12 (yes TWELVE) tubes/pots/bottles of lotion in my bathroom, and am out of space to store them.
  • Ubiquitous books I've never read: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Cat in the Hat.
  • Famous movies I've never seen: Harry Potter, The Godfather, Friday the 13th, Pretty in Pink.
  • Why is it that the effort put into dressing by most New Yorkers is confined to the city? Why can't this polished look work in the suburbs, too? There's plenty of heinous fashion in the city, but there are also a lot of sharp-dressed men and women. Yet when you venture into the surrounding suburbs, including Fairfield County, it's all about the fleece, saggy jeans and Crocs.
  • I haven't seen a bag at Coach or a necklace at Tiffany that I've liked in about three years.
  • I have a very specific order in which I wash my dishes. Dinner plates, small plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, large objects, cutting boards, and flatware last. Always.
  • I still buy CDs. They go onto my computer and iPod afterwards, but I believe in supporting the musicians I love, and I get some sort of gratification out of seeing the cases stacked neatly next to the stereo. Which is a big ol' Sony, not an iHome. What can I say? I loved the '90s!
  • I often wish I was still in college.
  • I set four alarms every night. My cell phone rings at 6:35, 6:45, and 6:50, on which I keep hitting the snooze. And finally, my "real" alarm clock rings at the actual moment I really need to get up, at 7:00. Somehow I appreciate my pillows and blankets more in those groggy first 25 minutes.
  • From my desk, without getting up, I can see 5 Vera Bradley items, all in different patterns. You can take the girl out of Connecticut...


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