February 06, 2009

L'amore - Mediterranean White

Just when I decided three totes, 2 makeup cases, 1 jewelry case and 1 small duffel were more than enough, I discovered a semi-new, clean, summery pattern: Mediterranean White. Vera Bradley introduced Mediterranean White into their classic cotton collection in September of last year, which I deem an unintelligent move by their marketing team. How can a white-based palette of blue, gray and green sell during the autumn and winter?

But Mediterranean White is gorgeous, folks. The swirls and curvy geometric lines and shapes do look somewhat Mediterranean, especially with the majority of color being white and blue. I love the idea of taking this pattern on a trip to Italy or Greece. Just as long as I can keep it clean!

Villager, $72

Small Tic Tac Tote, $55

Small Duffel, $69