March 04, 2009

Not mandatory, but highly, highly recommended.

If you haven't begun watching "House Hunters International" by now, you must start. Who wouldn't want a peek into exotic but seductively affordable flats in glamorous cities in Europe? (Affordable compared to New York, anyway. A two-bedroom flat in the first district of Paris for $435,000? Sign me up.) But as I was saying... a beachside penthouse in Barcelona? Actually, you get to see three. There's no greater innocent voyeuristic pleasure than seeing unattainable real estate in cities you love. A girl can dream, right?


Leonard said...

Hey! Oh my God, your life in New York has to be wonderful!! What wouldn't I do to be living in America x)

I reall like your blog, just started following it via BlogLovin', was hoping you could do the same. Feel free to read about my way of life in icy Sweden :D


Ruffle Bikini said...

Fantastic! I love London personally; it's very whimsical.