March 22, 2009

What's been up

Good evening all... I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. After a couple of weeks of being basically MIA, I'm making a concerted effort to get back into my blogging groove. After all, everyone's busy and there is much time to be found, if you're creative in making it. In the past few weeks a lot of stuff has happened...

I helped host and organize a bridal shower for my friend B. Lots of money, lots of attempts at reservations, and lots of women goo-gooing over salad spinners and cake domes. But the bride was surprised, had a great time, and got loads of presents, so I guess I can be happy about that.

I have broken my dating desert of the past few months and gone out with 3 different guys in the last 2 weeks! One was fidgety and insecure, the other was really funny and cute but cheap. The third.... I'll call him P. He's witty, intellectual, educated, well-traveled, a definite food snob, a cute Italian boy, and a tiny bit elitist, like me. We completely clicked after the first date for drinks, and just last night we had a really romantic dinner that went even better. This could be the start of something!
PS: This also proves what Carrie said: All a girl needs to get a date is another date.

I have miraculously managed to hang on to my job. ::Fingers crossed::

I have discovered some fabulous TV. I am addicted to The Real Housewives of NYC (so much more personality than the Stepford wives of the OC), Tough Love (a VH1 show hosted by a matchmaker who points out the dating mistakes of a bunch of self-absorbed princesses) and as previously stated, House Hunters International. Perhaps this is where all my blogging time has gone!

Finally, I have fallen seriously ill of March Madness. My college is safely into the Sweet 16 playing a manageable team down in Miami in the next couple of days. Go College.