April 09, 2009

Nina Garcia's The 100

Miz Garcia's book has been on shelves for some time now, and I haven't bought it because I prefer lists in digital, free form, rather than paying $25 for a book that has much of the information I can read in a magazine instead, for less. For the unaware, Nina Garcia is the fashion editor at the fabulous Marie Claire, and she has published a few books about style and fashion. The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own is, in her opinion, a compilation of necessary items. Supposedly, the inclusion of all of these will make for a complete, versatile, stylish closet.

For the record, I don't think all of these items are necessities, nor do I think that they will all fit into everyone's personal style. However, I thought it would be interesting to post the list, and figure out how many I already have. The ones I don't, I'll decide if they are necessary, would be nice to have, or are items I will never own.

Nina Garcia's The 100:
  1. A-line Dress. I have three, for different seasons. Definitely essential.
  2. Animal Print. Leopard round-toe pumps, but that's it. Can look trashy.
  3. Ankle Bootie. Too trendy and unflattering on legs.
  4. Aviators. YES. I've gone through many pairs of this wise-ass item.
  5. Ballet flat. Brown, black, yellow, red, tweed... yes.
  6. Bangles. A few enamel ones, but haven't worn them lately.
  7. Belts. Two for dresses and tops. Hardly ever worn on pants.
  8. Bikini. Yes, but won't be wearing them again until I lose my winter 5lbs.
  9. Blackberry. Technology is not style. Ask the French.
  10. Black Opaque Tights. Yes - flattering and chic!
  11. Blazer. Several. No shoulder pads.
  12. Boyfriend Cardigan. Yes, a white toggle L.L. Bean cardigan.
  13. Brooch. Yes, but I haven't worn them for a few years.
  14. Cable-Knit Sweater. Too too many!!
  15. Caftan. No. part of me wonders if only J.Lo can pull these off.
  16. Camel Coat. No, because it doesn't suit my coloring, but looks great on others.
  17. Cape. Seriously Nina?
  18. Cashmere Sweater. Can't get enough.
  19. Charm Bracelet. Pretty, but I don't have one because they annoy me.
  20. Clutch. Crucial for cocktail wear.
  21. Cocktail Ring. LOVE!
  22. Converse. Not since 9th grade. Can be cute on guys.
  23. Cosmetics Bag. I go through about 4 a year.
  24. Cowboy Boots. Don't have, but have considered buying. Probably won't.
  25. Cuff. Elegant and tough, love them.
  26. Denim Jacket. Nothing goes better with a sundress.
  27. Diamond Studs. They're a yes, but not in my jewelry box just yet.
  28. Driving Shoe. I'm counting my Sperry mocs for this one.
  29. Espadrilles. Don't really care for them. Prefer a wedge.
  30. Evening Gown. Yes, for the day when a man takes me to the opera.
  31. Exotic Skin Bag. Beyond leather, not important to me.
  32. Fishnets. I would wear beige ones in a vintagey way...
  33. Frye Harness Boot. Yes! Love my Frye boots!
  34. Fur. No.
  35. Gentleman's Hat. I don't look good in hats, so no.
  36. Gloves. Leather, cashmere-lined.
  37. Havaianas. Vineyard Vines flops are my favorite.
  38. Hobo Bag. My Sequoia bag from Au Printemps is my favorite ever.
  39. Hoop Earrings. Yes - silver, small, medium and large.
  40. Investment Bag. Young, single professional women have other investments to make.
  41. iPod. Otherwise I wouldn't work out.
  42. Jeans. In as many styles and colors as you can afford.
  43. Jewelry Pouches. I use my felt-lined jewelry box instead.
  44. Khakis. A casual classic.
  45. Knee Boots. Knee boots and a wool skirt are what one wears in the winter. Period.
  46. Leather Pants. I'm not Axl Rose, so, no.
  47. Lingerie. But of course ;-)
  48. Little Black Dress. Who doesn't?
  49. Little White Dress. Also key.
  50. L.L. Bean Tote. Monogrammed, with long handles.
  51. Luggage. Black and on wheels, in varying sizes.
  52. Mad Money. Oh come on.
  53. Men's White Shirt. A classic Oxford is something everyone should own.
  54. Mary Janes. Not for everyone, but I have a pair.
  55. Minnetonka Moccasin. My Sperry ones are just fine, thank you.
  56. Missoni Knit. Never been a fan of Missoni.
  57. Monogrammed Stationery. Have had it in the past, but not at the moment.
  58. Motorcycle jacket. Too tough-chick for me.
  59. Nail Polish. OPI.
  60. Old Concert T-Shirt. Too tough-chick for me.
  61. One-Piece Swimsuit. Yes - black can look so chic!
  62. Pajamas. Tanks and lounge pants.
  63. Peacoat. Yep.
  64. Pearl Necklace. What Connecticut girl doesn't have one?
  65. Pencil Skirt. Yes, especially in tweed.
  66. Perfume. Miss Dior Cherie - amour.
  67. Plain White Tee. They got their hanes on me.
  68. Polo Shirt. I'm from Connecticut. I probably have 50.
  69. Pucci. One scarf.
  70. Pushup Bra. Don't need it with my girls.
  71. Quality Champagne. Just drank the Moet last weekend!
  72. Red Lipstick. Yes, but I save it for really glam looks.
  73. Robe. One flannel, one satin. I'm such a fox ;-)
  74. Safari Jacket. Yup, I love a good military look.
  75. Sandals. So many! Heels and flats and colors!
  76. Sarong. Anyone who's gone to the Caribbean should have one.
  77. Signet Ring. My college ring.
  78. Silk Scarf. Several, from Paris.
  79. Slippers. Yes, but they're not sexy.
  80. Spanx. Yes, bought them for a wedding last year. Haven't used them again, yet.
  81. Statement Necklace. Several. My favorite is a big tortoiseshell pendant.
  82. Stilettos. And how.
  83. Striped Sailor Shirt. No, because horizontal stripes aren't flattering on anyone.
  84. Suit. Ah, the interview suit.
  85. Sunhat. No, but I probably should get one.
  86. Trench. Yes!
  87. Turquoise and Coral Jewelry. Yes, brings out the hippie in me.
  88. Tuxedo Jacket. Never found a good time to wear it, except New Year's Even.
  89. Umbrella. Clear, with a wooden handle.
  90. Underwear. Some practical, some pretty. Know your audience (or lack thereof).
  91. Valid Passport. Stamped in several places.
  92. Vans. See #22.
  93. Vintage. Not so much, except for jewelry and bags. I guess that counts.
  94. Watch. Silver Seiko with a white face.
  95. Wayfarers. Not good on my face shape.
  96. Wellington Boot. Yes, in hunter green. So English.
  97. Wide-leg Trousers. Yes, in twill, khaki, tweed, wool...
  98. Wrap Dress. I have 6!
  99. Yoga Gear. Not everyone does yoga. Cute gym clothes count.
  100. Zippered Hoodie. Lucky Brand Jeans, circa 1998.
My score: 72 out of 100.

Some of the items on this list are clearly not essential. Some don't even go in the closet. I think if you're scoring a 50 on this list, you're doing just fine. How many do you have?