April 29, 2009

Not much to report

To make short of a long story that is probably deathly boring to anyone but me, things with Pete are progressing... decently.

The good signs:
  • he got jealous when I mentioned that I went out to dinner with another guy last weekend when he was too busy to have a date with me
  • then he tried to convince me that the other guy is a tool and how much better he is
  • we still talk on the phone for hours, a couple times a week
  • he's as funny and charming as ever
  • And the big one... when I asked if he was dating anyone else, I received an incredulous "No."

The bad signs:
  • I haven't seen him in about 2 weeks, because we've both had our weekends full.

That wouldn't bother me as much, except I think he may have been sliiiightly busier than I. Regardless, we were talking about making plans last night. He's free Saturday, I'm not, due to a family 30th birthday party. I'm free Friday, he's not, due to an engagement party of a friend. I'm so frustrated! I miss him, and I'm afraid of the old saying - out of sight, out of mind. We've still been talking plenty so I shouldn't be worried, but I'm starting to wonder if we're ever going to go out again, and if he's going to start to lose interest. And I don't want to move into the Friend Zone.

Hopefully something will be figured out this weekend... at least lunch, please!!! Please?


Jules said...

So any plans for the weekend? I hope so! Keep us informed and hopefully you have suchnice weather as we have in Calgary

The Cape House said...

Can you bring him to the birthday party? (or maybe you aren't ready for him to meet the fam) Maybe he can bring you to the engagement party. Can you meet up at all during the week? For lunch, or a quick dinner?