April 15, 2009

Update on the boy

Not that anyone besides me really cares... but as you may have read a week or so ago, I am slightly infatuated with Pete (pseudonym), a guy who I've been dating for a little over a month. We went on our fourth date last night, at a sushi place with great cocktails (I only had 2). I didn't have work today, but he did... and I still stayed at his place kissing and spooning until 2am. He still complained when I left.

He has paid for every date. He is an amazing kisser. We have the most exciting chemistry I've felt with anyone in a long time. He opens doors, pays me compliments, and isn't trying to rush into bed. We talk about the Philharmonic, our families, our careers, and little things, like how he'd get rid of his refrigerator if he had the time to shop and cook for every meal.

He happens to have a meeting in my neck of the woods tomorrow, so we're meeting up after work. After four great dates, progressing from drinks, to dinners out, to a dinner in, I'm taking a cue from Patti Stanger (you'll see why in the next post) and doing something sweet for the guy, maybe bringing him more of the Italian pastries he loved when I brought them to dinner at his place.

Honestly, I just want to see him smiling at me, and get a kiss. Or 10. Wheeeee!

- Hayley

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CTB said...

Good luck! He sounds like a catch.