June 30, 2009

The Dirty Dozen: How would you do it?

Whether it's Kennebunkport or Kathmandu, everyone needs a stylish, flexible, streamlined travel wardrobe. And if you happen to be flying anywhere, it's often recommended, especially in international cases, to bring a change of clothing or two in your carry-on, in case your luggage gets routed to you in Hawaii via... Seoul. Now that would be a disaster.

This piece of advice got me thinking... how long could I last using one carry-on?

A large carry-on bag could hold, if packed correctly, about a dozen items plus essentials like shampoo (trial size) and travel documents, etc. Say you are going somewhere with one carry-on. You get to pack 12 clothing/shoe/accessory items. What would you bring, and how long could you last without repeating an exact outfit, not counting your plane outfit?

Hayley's Dirty Dozen:
  1. black v-neck tee shirt
  2. printed blouse
  3. chiffon cami
  4. khaki mini-skirt
  5. white jeans
  6. dark straight-leg jeans
  7. black sundress
  8. flat metallic leather sandals
  9. black wedges
  10. white blazer
  11. bright scarf
  12. statement necklace

Outfit Combinations:

Sight-Seeing in Rome

Seafood dinner in Cinque Terre

Day at the Uffizi

Cafe Za-Za in Venice

Audience with the Pope

Cruise to Capri

Shopping in Milan

Alexanderplatz Jazz Club

Eight outfits with twelve pieces! Not too bad. And I didn't even cheat by just taking Outfit 7 and throwing on the scarf. If you are willing and able to re-wear items (everyone should be, and is), you can truly pack light and live light. Here are a few principles that made this Dirty Dozen a success:
- all neutral bottoms and neutral outerwear
- one flat and one high sandal, both dressed up or down
- a scarf replaces a necklace
- neutral dress, dressed up or down
- prints that are few but flexible
- comfortable shoes and washable pieces (except blazer)

If you could squeeze in one more top or a few pieces of jewelry, maybe even a belt, you could smash out a handful more awesome combinations. And all these outfits were classy, appropriate, and relatively comfortable.

What would be in your Dirty Dozen?


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

Me car accident, Michael pass away
我车祸, Michael走了

CTB said...

This is absolutely fabulous! You have some of the best packing tips ever! I'm the world's worst packer, but this makes me feel inspired.