July 05, 2009

The Dirty Jerz

Hello to all, and I hope everyone had a great July 4th! I spent mine in Bklyn at a roof party in Bay Ridge. We watched all the major shows in the harbor and East River from the roof, with lots of great food and drinks to go around.

Alas the long weekend is drawing to a close, but I am starting the next week in a weeklong summer class at Princeton! All lacrosse rivalries aside, I have discovered that Princeton is a gorgeous campus and lovely village. I am blogging on my blackberry from the Witherspoon Bread Co. and plan to take a further walk around later. The weather is perfect and I am so excited to begin my philosophy seminar!

I won't be with easy wifi access this week but I will try to update when I get the chance. And fight the urge to buy Princeton U stuff.

Have a great week!


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