August 13, 2009

66 hours.

About 12 errands, 2 days of work, and 1 suitcase to pack, and exactly 66 hours from now (presuming there aren't delays... help me out, Gods of Air Travel!), I will be taking off to leave for Italy.

Decided against the straightener, will take advantage of hotel hair dryers as they come. I'm not fussy about wavy hair.

Have amassed at least a baker's dozen of breezy, pretty summer tops. Hoping (in vain) that Italia won't be as hot as I expect.

Scheduled pedicure; fingernails will have clear polish. No time for that nonsense!

Have measured suitcase dimensions... time for a trial pack to make sure we're not over the tour weight limit. Because, obviously, a few bottles of wine and other goodies will be coming back to the States with me.

So much to dooooooooo!
- H


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

have fun!

Siegfrid said...

By the way, here in the North-western part of Italy, we are having an heatwave since last week. The good new is that's forecasted to fade away in a couple of days...
Hope you're lucky. I'll benefit from cooler weather too!