December 25, 2007

The Happy Hour Getup

There are few things this girl loves more than Happy Hour: Cheap prices, a casual attitude and getting the weekend started ASAP. Happy Hour is a universally-loved pastime among people my age, probably for those exact reasons, plus the tempting idea of running from work straight to the bar.

However, this does not mean you should look like that's exactly what you did.

Scrubs, short-sleeved Oxfords, prim twinsets and even three-piece suits (sexy though they can be) are not my idea of great Happy Hour attire. You're leaving the work week behind for cheap sauce and mingling with other single professionals. Shed those serious, heavy, not-so-fresh work clothes, at least partially, so you can enjoy your half-price pitchers and apps while looking and feeling good.

Start with a pair of jeans that make your legs and ass look awesome:

Paper, Denim & Cloth Limited Edition XX

Gap Jeans, Flare, Ultra Dark Wash

Seven Jeans Ginger Pant (in Barbados)

Then add a fun, not-scandalous top that will complement your skin tone and continue to be appropriate and comfortable well into the night:

French Connection


French Connection

Vanessa Bruno


Your shoes should be sexy, somewhat comfortable (it might be a long night), and make your jeans land 1/2" above the floor. Not 2", not pooling around your flats, but hanging down your legs to the length that is most flattering.

Miu Miu
Cole Haan
Juicy Couture*
Daniel Footwear

When choosing a purse and jewelry for Happy Hour, the pieces I choose every day are so dependent on the outfit I'm wearing, it's impossible to recommend even 10 possibilities. My golden rules of jewelry will come later, as will my stylish-and-Happy-Hour-friendly purse picks.


* Ordinarily I avoid Juicy Couture like the plague, but I couldn't resist these flats.
** Summer only, naturally.