December 26, 2007

My my my, what is your secret?

All intelligent, confident young women know that the secret to long-lasting beauty is health. Products that keep your skin, face, lips and hair healthy will, in turn, keep them looking beautiful. Below are some of my favorite products that do a body (and face) right.

Body Products:

Banana Boat Sunscreen, SPF 30, Sweat- and Water-Resistant. Stays on, smells good, and the medium-high SPF will let you get color without encouraging wrinkles at 28. Great for a long day on the boat, at the beach or in the pool.

Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Body Lotion with SPF 15. Smells amazing, and is lightweight. Great for a picnic, outdoor party or non-swimming beach outing.
The Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut. Summer in a tub. The butter is great for just-shaved legs, before you head out for the night. The vitamins help your skin tone, and a little bi
Bath & Body Works Body Cream in Irresistible Apple. A great medium-weight lotion for year-round use, and the apple scent is subtle and clean.

Facial Products:

St. Ives Apricot Scrub. A great everyday exfoliator, especially for acne-prone skin. Also brightens all skin, and is great for avoiding winter dullness. At $4 a pop, can't go wrong.

Mineral Tint Sheer Foundation, SPF15. Stays on, gives coverage where you need it, and is sher where you don't. Blends easily and lasts forever. Magical.

My long-time go-to facial lotion. Year-round use, absorbs quickly, and works well day and night. This little bottle will last months and months.

Lip Products:
Smooth, not-sticky lip shine that stays on, gives sheer beautiful color and heals chapped lips. Sugar Cookies is great, but try Melon Daiquiri and Raspberry Sorbet too.

The ultimate lip balm. SPF15 keeps lips in kissing shape, lack of color lets you look natural, or layer over lipstick, and is unscented, which is a refreshing change. The best cure for dry lips. Beyond these two tubes, there is nothing more you need.