January 27, 2008

2008 SAG Red Carpet Critique: Part 1

Since I couldn't wait until tomorrow to judge these card-carrying thespians' fashion choices, below are some of my personal awards, until the better red carpet photos surface around 2am.

More coverage tomorrow.

The "Great Color, Bad Cut" Award goes to: Niki Blonsky

The "Worst MuuDress* Ever" Award goes to: Cate Blanchett

The "Would Have Been Stunning in Black" Award goes to: America Ferrera

The "Hotter Than Me Plus 10 Years" Award goes to: Rebecca Romijn

The "Flattened Already Tiny Boobies" and "This Is What Metallic Should Look Like" Awards go to: Debra Messing and Christina Applegate

The "Butterface**" Award goes to: Ashley Tisdale

* MuuDress = upscale gown that more resembles a muumuu from the KMart in Tuscaloosa. And yes, I know Cate Blanchett is wonderful, but can't she afford a better stylist?
** For the definition of a "butterface," ask any former frat boy you know. And for the record, she wouldn't have received this pre-rhinoplasty.