February 05, 2008

London Faux-Rehab Gone Wrong (like there is any other way to go?)

I love Mischa Barton. I think she is gorgeous, with a body to die, and if I were blessed with such a great metabolism and model-worthy height, I would spend my time shopping instead of at the gym. I would make shopping my cardio, a la Carrie Bradshaw, and be able to pull off more couture and edgy looks.

But I guess this is what happens when you're so unnaturally beautiful and thin, and all that time shopping goes to your head...

I usually don't tag or blab about celebrities on here unless I am loving their style or a particular picture. But doesn't this shot make lovely Mischa look like a female Pete Doherty? The odd hat, the pale complexion (made worse by the oatmeal-colored dye job), and the confused expression?

Mischa, please stop trying to be so edgy. You have a figure that almost never looks bad. You were a knockout on "The OC," and when that jumped the shark, you were still stunning as a model and red carpet ornament. But when you dress like Crazy with a side of Detox, no one is looking at your face.