March 22, 2008

eBay update

So back in February, I posted about several pieces of jewelry I bought (erm, sorry - won) from eBay. Here's the update.

18K gold and blue enamel bracelet, $4.99. Dainty, accurate to picture, fit well. Broke the first day I wore it, but in its defense, I also dropped a flag on my wrist with quite a bit of force. Some Superglue worked just fine. Would buy it again, for that price.

Red coral and silver necklace from Morocco, $24.99. Chunky yet not too heavy, bright, and comfortable. "Silver" beads don't quite look .925, but the coral quality is good. What you see is what you get, and it's lovely.
24K gold and red/black enamel ladybug charm bracelet from Italy, $24.99. Haven't worn yet (40 degree weather doesn't necessitate ladybugs), but fits nicely and looks better than the picture. Is delightfully sweet-looking and reminds me of elementary school. In a sophisticated way, of course.

Moroccan silver and multicolor enamel pinwheel pendant, $24.99. Turned out to be smaller than the picture made it seem, although the description did say 2" so I suppose it's my mistake. But the charm is well-kept and bright, and I had the perfect silver rope chain to fit it on. Parfait. Am looking at more pieces from this seller.

Give it a go!

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