March 07, 2008

Eye Candy: Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven, being 42 with some crows' feet and a receding hair line, is not typically put into the categories of "eye candy," "man candy," and the like. And for some reason, on him, not shaving for a day or two turns over from "rugged" to "sketchy" much faster than on most men.

But Jeremy Piven, currently playing my favorite character on Entourage (which is totally S&TC for boys), is still incredibly sexy to me. A big part of it is definitely the vulgar, cocky, wise-ass, scheming, incredibly hooked-up persona of Hollywood shark Ari Gold. But compared to pictures of Mr. Piven from his "P.C.U." days, the photos below show me this: this older man is looking the best he ever has. The Rogaine/weight training/stylist combination only takes you so far, but Jeremy Piven's macho confidence, intense stride and trademark smirk take 10 years off, and make watching Entourage even more enjoyable.

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