March 02, 2008

Eye Candy: John Mayer

The yang to Style Inspiration's yin, I'm presenting Eye Candy to brighten up the occasional rainy day or dull weeknight. The first lucky man is Bridgeport, Conn. native, songwriter and guitar soul boy John Mayer. True, this crush began in college when he hit the charts, but it's not just drop-dead-hot pictures like the B&W below that get to me.

John Mayer is one of the most legit musicians in the industry today, with the best guitar chops we've seen in years and a crooner's voice to complement them. He's not good-looking in a traditional, cliche, Brad Pitt type of way, and definitely has unfortunate photo moments. But this CT boy hypnotizes the ladies with his combination of musicianship, approachability, introspective lyrics and masculine handling of the guitar.

Oh, and that hair.

For the blatant, smokin' sexiness of this picture, I had to post it a second time. You're welcome.)

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