March 02, 2008

Feeling Young at 15% Off

I know, I know, I'm only recently a college alum, so I understand when middle-aged women roll their eyes when I refer to myself as "old." But still, all you new career women out there will agree that five days in a row wearing suit separates and serious heels can give you that 30-something feeling. The gray hair I found the other day, though tiny and blond-ish in color, only added to the old-and-harried feeling.

I frequently get nostalgic for the days when I could wear Sperrys, jeans, a sweater and aviators every day, and appear "polished." When the last few weeks of class could be spent consecutively in jeans and track shorts. So when I came across this little piece of sunshine to brighten up a rough week and quiet weekend, I had to share.

Right now at American Eagle ( use the discount code 69905524 to get 15% off your order, sale items included, until March 5. They also offer free shipping on orders $100+.

Here's what I used the code to get:

Patchwork Madras Bermudas, $44.50 marked down to $37.83
(Yes, somewhat overdone, but I love madras in spring, and these are less expensive than the JCrew ones, making them a better buy since I rarely get the opportunity to wear plaid shorts without judgment.)

Wide Leg Athletic Pants, $29.95 marked down to $25.46
(Needed these for the gym anyway, and I don't have any red sweatpants.)

Artist Low-Rise Bleached Jeans, $44 on sale for $29.95, marked down to $25.46
(Risky buying jeans online, yes, but 1) they're returnable and 2) they're cheap and look comfy for weekends, to wear with a polo and flops.)

Now, I don't usually shop at AE, now that I'm post-commencement and stuck in office-apropos attire five days a week. It's just not practical or cost efficient, usually. But with sales on reasonable prices and a discount code, I can now justify very early spring shopping for clothes I won't be able to wear until, honestly, maybe the 3rd weekend in April. And there are a few things to avoid: flimsy camisoles with eagles on them, shorts with no discernible inseam and their skirt sisters, and the logo-covered hoodies. Also, the free Spring Break Bag they're sending me, that I couldn't remove from the order. No self-respecting professional woman can pull off these pieces anymore.

Well, maybe in Jersey, since you'll likely look classier than the local women. But who wants to go there?

Happy Shopping!

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