March 16, 2008

I had high hopes for this one.

This past Tuesday, in Culver City, Ca. at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, The Hills star and famous-for-doing-nothing Lauren Conrad actually did something: she debuted her clothing line at her very first fashion show. Some bloggers loved it, and others referred to it as the "sad, bizarre world" that is the Lauren Conrad fashion line.

From the few pictures I was able to find, my response was a mere "eh, okay, that works." I am always skeptical about actors trying their hands at careers in fashion or music, or the flop, when musicians think they can act. LC is not a lady I would consider an actress, but regardless, she has reached celebrity status, which no doubt prompted this new endeavor. But from watching The Hills and seeing Conrad's great personal style, I had high hopes. She is reliable and chic, in flowing dresses, loose tanks, discrete jewelry and funky accessories. But these shots prove to me that there are two kinds of style-gifted people: those good at dressing others, and those good at dressing themselves. LC is definitely the latter.

Classic, clean, simple, oui. But the cliche Parisian accents, predictable silhouettes and almost complete lack of color pushed this show firmly into the "mediocre" category. It's not that I wouldn't wear the black-and-ivory, fluttery dress above (I would, without the gratuitous bow), but from a young lady in Hollywood who is enrolled in fashion school, I expected more chances to be taken and boundaries to be pushed.

There's always 2009 I suppose.

PS: Did anyone notice those last two dresses are practically identical???

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