March 03, 2008

Inspiration can come from the strangest places...

I know that watching Sandra Dee's sudden transformation into a be-haloed bad girl was a turning point of puberty for many boys at the time, and of course I love watching "Grease" on a Tuesday night in my lazy pants and slippers, sometimes wishing that life was that simple.

But tonight, watching "Grease" on ABC Family after a particularly grueling session of cardio at the gym, I saw ONJ in a new light. Not only was she obviously in her prime, and had one of the best smiles ever, but I pondered the unforgiving nature of the outfit she was wearing, and found new awe in the formerly-virginal Sandy.

The tight off-shoulder black lycra top, the cropped leather jacket, the Candy's slides (which she makes look great, somehow) and the fluffy, yet sexy hair, are all no match for the pants. The most unflattering, tragedy-prone pair of pants ever. Skin-tight, spandex, super-high-waisted, ankle-length pants, the sheen of the spandex distinctly outlining her hips, thighs and calves. It takes a special body to not only pull that off, but make it really sexy, with only a diminutive black top to pair with it. Watching Travolta hold an entire rib cage section with one hand, seeing the subtle but definitely there nature of her collarbone, and watching dear Olivia dance and prance in grass and the Shake Shack in wobbly wooden heels without a care in the world - this gave me a thought.

I need to do more cardio.

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