March 11, 2008

"It's like a big-budget movie that goes NOWHERE."

Much like Elaine's opinion of Putty's "move," so has turned my opinion of a jacket I thought would be fantastic. When you buy online, you often find great deals, free shipping, and discover little treasures that weren't in the store, or weren't in your size or color. But the picture on the site never looks the same when you wear it. There's the rub.

What looked loosely structured was just loose. What looked well-tailored and flattering was small in the shoulders, loose in the arms, and wide on the waist. Lastly, what was labeled "100% cotton" and looked like, well cotton, felt more like nylon and made a funny "zhh" sound when I swung my arms as I walked.

In short, a disappointment.

So back to L&T goes the yellow jacket. The only part I was happy with was the cheery saffron yellow. I'll still look for a yellow spring jacket, but for the price, this one isn't worth it.

Sigh. Back to the interwebz, see ya!

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