March 11, 2008

Sex Via Leather?

I got re-routed in my search for a new spring coat with the discovery of the Christian Louboutin Fetish.

I know what you're thinking..... "Hello, welcome to October 07." Well, I prefer to spend my fall days apple-picking, playing golf and squeezing out a few last BBQs and sails. So I just discovered this artful shoe, designed by the French masochistic wonder, for photographer David Lynch's Fetish exhibition in Paris, at the Galerie du Passage.

These shoes were designed specifically for "lying down. You cannot walk or stand in them." Translation: wear them in bed while waiting for your man, and once you get going, be careful not to stab him. For fashion as art, these shoes are fabulous. They're pushing 6in tall, and so very vertical that women's feet don't naturally arch that way. Come on now, even pointe shoes allow standing, and that's about as steep as it gets. For all the tall shoes I've worn, I've never tried a pair in which the balls of my feet were perpendicular to the floor. Sounds exciting, impossible and incredibly dangerous.

If you care to see some of the photography in this exhibit, here is the museum link:

No pictures of the crotch-high boots in flesh leather, with "blood" rubies on them yet, but we can dream, right?

Gotta love the French.

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