April 13, 2008

How to get back on track?

I started this blog mostly for myself - so I had a space in which I could blabber about fashion, men, life, beauty, friendship and interests that I find fun and special. I talk a lot, and in this avenue, people can just stop reading before I stop talking.

But this was mostly a tool for me to have fun with and use as a hobby. Sometimes I give tips that I've learned in the past, and sometimes I compile lists for fun. But it's rare that I ask for advice here because, frankly, I have no idea who reads this blog, and I often like to take care of my own problems.

But recently, my job has gotten the better of me. I've hosted three major events and fired someone important in the last 2 weeks, and that has left me very little time for the gym, cooking, eating thoughtfully and sleeping well. I don't like to make work an excuse, but it's thrown me off my usually-healthy routine. I feel bloated, dehydrated, tired, grumpy and fat. It was so recently that I wrote about organic foods and being healthier, but clearly that has not lasted.

I am on the right side of this work-stress bell curve at this point, with most of it being behind me. Tomorrow is Monday and a new week, and with all the catalogs informing me it's now "early summer," I need to get my caboose in gear. Mostly, I need to feel healthy and sane again, like I usually do.

So tonight I'm not doling out advice or compiling a list of pretty things to look at. I will make a list of goals for myself this week, and more importantly, how I will make a sincere effort to achieve them. And then, you tell me, dearies - how do you get motivated to get back into a positive routine, from which you got derailed?

This week I plan to: drink 48oz of water a day; go to the gym 4 days; cook easy, healthy meals I can live on this week; take fresh fruit to work; get food out no more than once.

How? Going food shopping tomorrow and giving myself the night to cook and plan. Buy organic and healthy foods that I will look forward to eating and can grab in a rush. Bring my gym clothes in my car, and drive straight to the gym after work, even if I have to grab a 15min power nap beforehand. Keep a water bottle at my desk.

Not too hard. But - how do you relax and fall asleep when the tapes are playing and the wheels are spinning and you can't turn your mind off long enough to get at least 6 hours of sleep?


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