April 09, 2008

The rules of Seduction Shoes

I found out today that my friend from high school is finally getting to see her boyfriend again on Sunday after a nine-month tour of duty in Iraq. I am thrilled that he'll be coming home safe, and I'm sure they're missed each other (exaggerated wink). She was talking about how to make their reunion special, and it got me to thinking about shoes.

When men look at a woman, they see shapes, and maybe sometimes colors. Tight dress. Hourglass. Stilettos. Red. Boobs.

You get the idea.

They don't see brands, they don't appreciate runway inspiration and all those annoying monograms on purses look the same to them, whether LV or K-Mart. They appreciate glowing skin and shiny lips, but don't care about your "edgy" aquamarine eyeliner. What's the point here? Men are visual creatures, and while they appreciate a curvy figure, or cascading waves of hair, or long, lean legs, they are far less discriminating on actual items than women are. Simply put, they see the forest, not the trees.

Now, I never advocate dressing, speaking or acting in a way purely meant to please others, be those people men, other women, relatives, etc. Everyone should be themselves, and be free in their personal style, adjusting that style for special occasions and goals. But in my friend's case, where her darling man was away for a terribly long time, and they're both hoping for a sexy-as-hell, wild romp in the sack upon his return, she has an objective with what she chooses to wear: remind him how beautiful she is, and let him know she's excited enough to see him that she'll take the time to gussy herself up.

I have done the seduction outfit in the past, though not for a soldier's return. And while they say they don't care, men definitely notice shoes. That is where I would start to determine the style you're going for. But first, a few basic rules for Seduction Shoes.

1. The heel must be skinny and high. 3.5" minimum. No exceptions.
2. They must be strappy, peep-toed or show some skin. Round-toe pumps are too demure.
3. They must be kept in beautiful, clean condition (i.e., clean enough to be worn in bed)

Now for some suggestions and ideas.

To wear out on Saturday night, to let people know you're fun, energetic and ready to party.
L.A.M.B., $399

The nude-ish color and minimal straps with a delicate heel on these shoes will make your legs appear longer and, well, nude, which is always sexy, but in this case, more subtle.
Lumiani, $150

Skinny red heel? Red satin? Flirty bow accent? Peep toe? These shoes send the right signals without lacking class.
Steven, $114

These would be great seduction shoes if preceded with a formal event (wedding, gala, etc.). But tone down the sex appeal with a simple, elegant dress.
Stuart Weitzman, $228

By adding more straps, height and buckles, these shoes are just plain randy. Pair with a miniskirt and a top that leaves something to the imagination.
Type Z, $95

The Mary Jane styling and exposed platform are naughty-sexy and coy, but the red with black piping and elegant peep toe they're elegant enough to see public.
BCBG, $114

For the bedroom only. Pair with your best black lingerie and some serious cojones.
DSquared, $803

The pink hue, bow, and medium-height heel don't make this obviously sexy shoes, but if you wore them with a tight pencil skirt and low-cut top, they rock the sexy secretary look, and up the ladylike quotient.
Guess, $100

These have a subtle snake print, and it's close enough to skin color to make the view take a second look. The high heel, racy animal print and peep toe are great for the "lady in the street, freak in the bed" type.
Jessica Simpson, $93

Seduction shoes don't need to be expensive to be hot. Remember, the effect will come from shape and cut, but most importantly, it will come from the way you walk, lead with your hips, stand and feel when you wear tall heels. The seduction shoes are more of a state of mind.

Go get 'em girls!

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suburban prep said...

Love the second and the last pair.
I am married and I love shoes but because of a medical situation sometimes have problems with certain shoes. I agree though with the idea of shoes helping.