April 06, 2008

My favorite hangover-hiders

After makeup, sunglasses are my favorite thing to shop for. They can be tried on in less than 5 seconds, come in a bazillion styles, are usually stacked together within easy reach, and make for lots of corny fun. It's great to find fantastic $3 sunglasses at the nearest drugstore in Tortola because you realize you lost your RL ones at LaGuardia, and you need to get on the boat now. It's also great to try on dozens of bedazzled D&G pairs and standoffish Dior shield glasses, all to realize that the classic large, round rectangle shape in black suits you best.

So, here is a compilation of the best sunglasses I've seen so far this year, categorized by style and in a variety of prices. Enjoy!

For the work commute, or any time you're dressed up...

American Eagle, $19.50

Fendi, $225

Ralph Lauren, $89

For weekend errands during the day...

Armani Exchange, $70

Calvin Klein, $68

Simply Vera, $21

Marc Jacobs, $95

For sailing or golf...
American Eagle, $19.50 (casual boating only)
Oakley, $215 (polarized)

Palmetto croakies, $7

Gill floating sunglasses, $60

Gill floating sunglasses, $65 (polarized)

For semi-formal events (graduation parties, bridal showers, teas)

American Eagle, $19.50

Calvin Klein, $68

Issac Mizrahi, $17.99

Ralph Lauren, $200

For outdoor concerts, casual barbecues and the beach or lake...

American Eagle, $19.50

Ralph Lauren, $230

Michael Kors, $90

Ray Ban, $149

Cheers to cocktails and sunshine,

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