May 07, 2008

2008 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala

Ahh, good to be back. As cliche as this is, my absence from my beloved blog has been due to huge work loads the last few weeks. But one of my favorite red carpet events just swept by, and I was both disgusted and amazed by some of the gowns worn.

Posh: Too much alien-goes-to-bed, not enough British pop girl.
Becks: Delicious. As usual.
Marc Anthony: Looking less skeletal than usual.
Jenny: The best of the group. Great color for her skin, great jewelry and adornment, and good shape. Bravo!

Christina Ricci: Adorable! So Wonderwoman-on-Valentine's-Day, but in a chic way. And only a petite brunette like her could pull this off, with almost no jewelry and a risky color combination not toned down with neutrals.

Emmy Rossum: My favorite of the night. The seaming and toile-esque material are gorgeously French, and the mermaid shape is beautiful on her. Adding classic diamonds and a black clutch, and rosy cheeks, she hit this one out of the ball park.

ScarJo: Your debut album has enough press. Don't feel obligated to dress like this to get more.

Miz Dita von Teese, on the arm of Christian Louboutin: Parfait. And again, only she could pull off those feathers and the dress length.

Mischa Barton: Continuing to cover up her phenomenal figure as much as possible, behind too much fabric and ostentatious sleeves. Gorgeous neckline, but it ends there. And I won't even touch Miss Missoni.

Hayden Christiansen: Not the best possible color for you considering your blond hair, but a classy and simple choice.
Rachel Bilson: You are capable of so much more! Don't hide your adorable figure and gorgeous face under obtrusive clothing and hair!

Jennifer Connelly: Except for the wing-tip-y shoes, fire your stylist.

Hilary Duff: Beautiful embellishment in a non-cliche way. Sweet.
Fergie: ...sigh...

Eva Longoria: My second favorite dress of the evening, for its haute quality and bold statement. You can't see the bottom, but it does extend to the floor in a huge skirt crescendo, and although I'm sure she had trouble getting into the limo, she looks fabulous.

Rihanna: I know you're young and fabulous, but those quasi-gloves only distract from your dazzling dress and killer shoulders. Chuck 'em.

Michelle Trachtenberg: Cheap Cleopatra costume much?

Ivanka Trump: Amazing! Gorgeous colors, sleek hair... except..... well, it's hard to say (damn lack of hi-res), but... are those.... gemstones? On your forehead???

Eva Mendes: Not only do I hate the gown and the shoes, but this woman always seems to look dirty to me. Can't put my finger on why, but I don't see "movie star" here.

Camilla Belle: (left) This is what haute couture should look like. I don't know who you are, but you are stunning.
(right): Who cares?

Cameron Diaz: Hair: blah. Dress: Eh. Jewelry: Blech.
Jennifer Garner: Red is this girl's color, and the perfectly toned arms don't hurt.

Finally, George, Julia and Giorgio. This is Hollywood.


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