June 15, 2008

Eight Days...

I fly to Europe in just over a week. When did this happen?

I am now going into the pre-trip zone, in which I need to plan laundry and wear cycles carefully. I will be checking one bag and carrying on my Vera Petal Pink tote. I need clothing for both plane/train rides, sightseeing, nice dinners, church and nightlife. I've decided I need to plan my packing now, so I have the maximum choices available on Monday when I pack for real.

This post will probably bore you to tears, and it's more for my knowledge than for anyone else's enjoyment, but peruse this, and see if you have feedback. For anyone who's been to (or lives in!) France or the UK, if you have tips on the amount of rain, or how hot/humid it gets, etc., please feel free to share. Not that I will be bringing any tweed capelets, but if you think I need to pack the Wellies, give me a heads-up!

And now, the tentative list, to be amended for suitcase room and weather adjustments.

cap-sleeve collared wrap shirt in black
cap-sleeve collared wrap shirt in pink
long-sleeve dobby Oxford shirt in pink stripes
navy RL Polo
short-sleeve black eyelet-collar shirt
pouf-sleeve coral empire-waist shirt
pouf-sleeve navy floral empire-waist shirt
pouf-sleeve red empire-waist shirt
white tuxedo cami
pouf-sleeve ruffle-collar empire waist black shirt
3/4 sleeve pink striped tie-waist shirt

white crepe drawstring skirt
brown crepe drawstring skirt
white eyelet drawstring skirt
bright red knit A-line skirt
white/gray stripe sailor skirt

white linen sailor pants
wide-leg tan twill pants
straight-leg dark-wash jeans

white cuffed linen Bermuda shorts
yellow cuffed twill capris

black v-neck 3/4 sleeve sundress
tan/brown 3/4 sleeve wrap dress

red belted rain jacket
navy pocket cardigan
blue/white striped cropped cardigan
pink 3/4 sleeve cardigan
black 1-button cropped cardigan

Magic Hat tee shirt
college lax tee-shirt
yellow tank top
blue plaid shorts
pink plaid shorts
VV dolphin lazy pants
VV margarita lazy pants

Born black/cork wedges
black flip-flops
red patent round-toe flats
brown satin round-toe flats
leopard round-toe pumps

white fringed scarf
red umbrella
black sunglasses
bone metallic clutch
brown Coach purse
Vera Bradley Petal Pink tote
purple headband
gray bow headband
black soft headband

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