June 15, 2008

When even Teen Vogue girls don't know...

I caught an episode of The Hills yesterday... OK, I lie. I am excited about my trip to Europe, so I went to MTV's website and watched the episode when Whitney and Lauren go to Paris. Just to see shots of the city and pretty dresses.

But the disturbing part of the episode is when Lauren and Whitney are in their town car, and perusing a list of designers. Whitney comes across a name she pronounced "Give-Enchie?" And the driver corrects her - Givenchy.

When you work at Teen Vogue and you can't even pronounce a designer's name, albeit a hard one, you've got some homework to do. I made a face like LC's above when this went down.

This moment in reality TV echoes back to an episode of ANTM, in which the girls are put on the spot to read designers' names off a teleprompter, and all of them fall flat on their faces, even my precious Naima.

Oh no you di-int!

So here is a list of designers whose names are hard to pronounce, but necessary in order to not be made a fool of in Paris, Saks or Bryant Park. Or if you just want to sound like an elitist amongst your friends.

Givenchy: ZHEE-von-SHEE

Yves Saint Laurent: Eve Sahn Lo-RAHN

Balenciaga: Buh-LEN-see-YA-ga

Christian Lacroix: Christian la-Kwah

Christian Louboutin: Christian Loo-boo-tan

Hérmes: air-Mez

Jean Paul Gaultier: Zhahn-pole GO-tee-ay

Hervé Léger: Air-VAY Lay-JAY

Monique Lhuillier: Monique loo-lee-ay

Rodarte: ro-daredt

Thierry Mugler: tee-airy moo-glay

Nicolas Ghesquière: NEE-ko-la guess-Kee-AIR

Lanvin: lon-VAN


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