July 20, 2008

It's Sale Time

Midsummer is a great time for many reasons, among them a tan that has slowly become even and dark, a few more heavenly weeks remain in the summer, and some of the best deals in fashion are upon us.

This is a great time to buy a number of things...
- summer classics you can re-use next year
- fall preview items
- transitional pieces
- camis and layering options to take you into fall

Be wary of anything too trendy, cheaply-made or out of your size. At one time, I purchased a divine sundress at Nordstrom, discounted from $210 to $17.99. It was two sizes too small, but I figured, "I'm dieting this year, and as long as I keep it up I'll fit into this next year." Two sizes away is too far to make this a goal item, and lo and behold, come summer of 2005, not only did the dress not fit, but it looked sooo 2004 that I ended up donating it.

Lesson to be learned: no amount of sale cred will make up for a piece of clothing that doesn't fit and isn't chic anymore. When sale shopping, resist the amazing mark-downs and stick to pieces you'll use again and again.

Here are some great pieces I've found online. Don't wait - only a few sizes remain!

Gap, $34.99

White House Black Market, $21.99

White House Black Market, $34.99

White House Black Market, $55.99

White House Black Market, $39.99

Gap, $24.99

Gap, $29.99

Gap, $34.99

Gap, $29.99

Gap, $29.99

American Eagle, $19.95

American Eagle, $24.95

American Eagle, $29.95

Gap, $22.99

Gap, $24.95

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