July 16, 2008

Paris Fashion Part II: Unstructured Bags

Every fall, it seems we get a "new" lesson in structure - wool skirts, tailored trousers, no-nonsense handbags. In the spring we shed the angular attire for flowy skirts and soft totes. But while in Paris I noticed something you don't see too often here in the States: unstructured, dark bags, made of everything from leather to vinyl, with embellishment, hardware and even fringe. In midsummer, I expect unstructured bags, but in materials like canvas, silk, wicker, and cotton. Somehow the women of Paris made bags I'd only have considered for fall and winter look sophisticated and season appropriate. And of course, effortless.
Betsey Johnson, $395

Camilla Alves, $650

Dautore, $656

Francesco Biasa, $248

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Anonymous said...

dude!! guess what??

el gato.........es freakin' grande!!