August 17, 2008

Finally functioning, 12 hours later...

Well girls, the night I had last night was proof enough to justify my post about showers/B-parties, and I was right. I looked great, gave generously and had 10x more fun than the bride.

The shower was small and casual, with great seafood, salad and wine. But frankly, I didn't need the stupid games. I'm sure some of you out there have had to sit through these: Memorize The Utensils On The Bride's Apron. Feel The Socks With Your Feet To Figure Out What's Inside That You Would Need On Your Honeymoon. What Would Your Fiancee Say? Perhaps with more wine and a bigger group, we could have made it fun, but I was twitching to get out of there after about an hour.

Leave we did (four hours later), checked into the Hotel Pennsylvania near Penn Station, and got the party started with shower drinks, followed by dancing, Chi-ing and finally grabbing a cab to Prohibition. I was skeptical about us staying in one bar for the entire night. I mean, where's the fun in that? However, anyone who's gone drinking in New York knows that except for a few select areas, it's hard to just wander around and find a good bar, conducive to a B-party. It often wastes time and makes one sober fast.

Well, my worries were soon over. We started with very classy cocktails (Key Lime martini was good, but not as good as the Adelphi Hotel's was), and a few appetizers. Well, the appetizers somehow didn't lead to a real dinner, so you can imagine how that affected our night. About an hour after we ate, the Gilfords, the 80s cover band, started. They were fantastic! I highly recommend seeing them for a fun night out with your girls, if you're ever in the area! We had a table right to the side of the stage, so the music was loud, we had a place to keep our drinks and bags, and a place to sit between sets. Parfait.

Around the beginning of the second set, the effects of the Volta started to really set in, along with the shots that some guy bought us. The music got better, the bar got fuller and we started getting some great male attention. Another lesson learned: when debating if a dress is too revealing in the chest, it not only has the desired affect on men, but is easily kept classy if the dress is knee-length and has sleeves. When one of the bridesmaids then took out the feather boas and Mardi Gras beads, we really went wild, and the band let the bride get onstage to sing with them. And somehow, at the end of the night, after about seven hours of drinking and eating (albeit very little), our bill only came to about $85/person. Considering the drinks were $12 a pop, I definitely got more than my money's worth. Not complaining!

What I did complain about was how I've been feeling all day up until a couple of hours ago. Another word to the wise: when it hurts to ride an elevator, you know you drank too much. But, no one to blame but myself!

Seriously ladies, it was the most fun I've had in a long time. And What I wrote really was true: after spending nights wondering about my singlehood, a couple of bad dates, and the standard self-consciousness we all have, I just threw my gear into the bag, psyched myself up with music and a sexy outfit (well, and booze), and dove headfirst into the fun pool, and it worked. Don't dream it. Be it!


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