August 27, 2008

What to Save, What to Store

Hello everyone.... I'm sorry I haven't posted in about two weeks. I didn't mean it... really. I was thinking of you the whole time ;-)
Anyway... it's that time of year again - Labor Day sales, weather is cooling down a bit, and the kids are going back to school and getting off the beach and out of the mall. So it's a good time for all of us, after accepting autumn's impending arrival, to do a good closet inventory and make a shopping list.

Of course, it's far too early to winterize the closet. But transition pieces, my favorite kind of clothing, are a great thing to stock up on with sales coming up. Plus, you can still wear some of your feel-good summer items, as long as they are part of an outfit that is wholly season-apropos.

Here's what you should pack up until next May:
  • all linen

  • all seersucker

  • all eyelet

  • white pants

  • straw/wicker bags

  • critter flip flops

  • anything tropical

  • cropped pants

  • florals that are too sunshine-y (lots of coral or white) or too pastel

All of those items scream "hot and sunny," and will just look and feel wrong once the mercury drops below 75. These items can't be added-to to create a fall ensemble without looking wrong.

Here is what you can, and should, keep handy through Halloween:
  • lightweight scarves

  • gladiator sandals

  • leather/dark flip flops

  • canvas totes

  • lightweight oxfords

  • medium-color florals

  • breezy tanks

  • cotton dresses (no tent dresses)

  • polos (an all-year item IMHO)

  • flowy skirts

  • Bermuda shorts

The reason that all the above "summer items" work in fall is this one word: layering.

Here's what to grab at the Labor Day sales near you:

Jackets & Blazers. Scarves, lightweight tanks, all jeans, khakis, and even certain sandals look fabulous with a good jacket. Military-inspired styles give chiffon tanks a tough edge, and shrunken wool blazers can go over sundresses or Bermudas to give them some autumn weight.

Lightweight Cardigans. Simple cotton and summerweight cashmere cardigans layer with oxfords, polos, and tanks very well. Pair with cords or jeans and you have a great fall look.

Cotton dresses. Solids, in low-maintenance cotton or jersey will serve you well through autumn, when you wake up and don't feel like having to think too much about an outfit. Make sure the colors are not turquoise, hot pink, lime green or of course, white. But grays, black, navy, dark colors and subtle prints can be layered with tanks, oxfords and jackets to work through October.

And finally, a few items you may be tempted to take out that won't look truly great until early October, at least:
  • leggings and tights (leggings never look all that good to me, but whatever)

  • wool pants and skirts

  • furry boots

  • turtlenecks

  • sweater dresses

  • North Face fleeces (in fact, let's let this one go this year, m'kay?)

Remember girls: it's not 8th grade, and the cool kids won't make fun of you if you don't trot out all your new fall gear immediately after Labor Day, when it's still reaching 85 at 1:00. Embrace the perfect weather and humidity-free hair, have fun mixing pieces, and seamlessly glide into autumn.

Cheers and mulled wine,

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preppypearlgirl said...

I love this post! It is so helpful!! I always get so comfused about what to leave out/ put up!
Love your blog!