August 06, 2008

I Just Can't Get Enough

...of the Adelphi Hotel.

I discovered this gem of Saratoga Springs last weekend, and its exterior and interior were simply stunning. I had to share it with everyone, and also inform everyone that it's no less expensive than the new, albeit generic and modern, Hampton Inn & Suites we stayed in.

This is the bar. More specifically, the first portion of the bar you enter after passing through the exquisite lobby. The decor and furniture are unmistakeably French in influence, and while I don't know the Architectural Digest terms for this stuff, I love the patterned upholstery, marble columns and the whimsical panorama of Saratoga on the walls.

Part two of the lovely eating/drinking areas is this outdoor-ish cafe, with paned glass doors leading out to my favorite space, not pictured. But the striped furniture, horse illustrations, iron chairs and panel-cut glasses we drank martinis from only intensify the feeling of stepping back in time.

This is the plush, ornate lobby of the Adelphi. Fresh flower arrangements are de rigeur, as are the bank lamps and palmetto plants. When we came in for drinks around 10pm, there were many people lounging around in the lobby, drinking and talking. That's a telltale sign of a great lobby: it's one people actually want to spend time in.

The upstairs parlor, to which we never made it because we weren't guests, but I love the blood-red furniture, Victorian fireplace and ruched curtains. So romantic!

The piazza - the balcony on the second floor that overlooks Broadway, the dining/drinking/shopping center of Saratoga. The wicker and adirondack furniture, and large green plants create a fresh, relaxed environment for the impeccable people-watching on the street below. Plus a feeling of elitism from actually being a guest at the Adelphi.

Ahhh... I'm more relaxed just looking at this pool. It was added later, decades after the construction was complete, but they went the extra mile to make sure it looked like it fit. The pergolas and walls of trees and shrubs create a quiet, private area. This is what my dream pool looks like.

One of the individually styled guest suites. Love the white painted furniture, decorative pillows and framed mirrors and paintings.

And finally, the best part: the facade. Who wouldn't want to stay here?

And as a final kiss to Saratoga's Adelphi Hotel, here is the drink I had (and intend to make more of!): the Key Lime Martini. Equal parts Stoli Vanil and fresh lime juice. Cut with seltzer if desired, but beware: added sugar makes it too sweet.

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