September 05, 2008

Eye Candy: Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz... slender, pale, nondescript brown hair, and has a tendency to photograph like a 12-year old boy. But there's something about him that's attractive, even a tiny bit sexy, in an unconventional way. He's like that guy you knew in high school who was always late to class but would make the teacher laugh and forget about it, and you'd see him singing in choir and wondering how it makes him look cool, and he could be found almost any time playing a guitar under a tree, or driving his VW with thug rap playing, and you couldn't tell if it was enthusiasm or irony.

Either way, cutie pie for me. And it's damn near impossible not to look good when you're playing a guitar.

1 comment:

Beach Rose said...

WOW. I'm in the middle of my obsession with his song "I'm Yours," but I had never seen a picture of him!