September 08, 2008


Sure, it's the first time in quite a while that Britney was coherent, lucid, somewhat well-spoken and looking pretty. But after all the press, all the rumors, and the two dresses she wore that were too alike to necessitate a change, and just different enough to make people wonder if they were crazy, was anyone else feeling blah and looking quizzical at her trifecta of Moon Men for what is arguably the least creative single she's ever had?

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monica byrne said...

Not much of a Brit fan but wanted to post to you......found your blog off anotherone and I love your site!!! Just finished reading your post about the Olympic mens' swim team and so glad to see someone thinks like i do!!! Is Michael Phelp's body put together by someone very close to God or what?!!!! I have never seen the picture you posted, but my God!!! Those Speedos are insanely his case, I can tell he's for sure packing!!