September 08, 2008

Eye Candy: Rafael Nadal

Born in 1986, Rafael Nadal is not only younger than me, and in better cardiovascular heath to be sure, he also won Wimbledon, along with a million other matches. I have never cared much for tennis, which will surprise some of you with friends in Westport. But I fell in love with Rafael in Oxford while, over chicken curry and nan, my friends and I watched him beat the neon yellow ball, and Roger Federer, into submission for nearly six hours. That's no easy feat with Indian food in the tummy while sitting on a floor as you try to keep your butt from falling asleep. But frequent close-ups of this Spanish hottie and his arms made it a downright pleasure. Enjoy, ladies.


Laura said...

Great pictures! I too love Rafa. I've loved tennis for years, but Rafa's looks and the intensity he brings to the court make it all the more fun for me!

a. said...

Rafa has been my fav since he went pro.